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Voted and ranked as #1 effective natural boosters for high yielding plants and seedsA true proven science imported from Holland, now available to you

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Introduction to Plant Nutrition

Every organism is an open system connected to its environment.

Composition of Plants

The chemical composition of plants provides clues to their nutritional requirements.

Macro and Micro-Nutrients

Plants require nine macro-nutrients and at least eight micro-nutrients.

What We Offer

Aptus offers 100% active, organic nutrition for your plants

There are no pesticides or harsh chemicals here. We formulate plant nutrition as nature intended, engineered at the molecular level to boost your harvest. We offer specific formula to accomodate each stages of plant growth.

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Why Do You Need It?

When you use natural ingredients, you save more money

Growers are always having to deal with pests and fungal diseases. Instead of using diluted chemicals that fight against the plant growth, we can help you maximize your cultivation with preventive, organic nutrients.

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